Review: FX! #1 , The Human Special Effect!


I’ve heard nothing more but good things about John Byrne , and they were right because FX! #1 John’s new work is nothing more but good ‘ol fun, kicking it old skool style.

The story kicks off when Tom , the main character and his friend are playing in the woods , pretending to be super heroes and Villains , having sword fights with wooden sticks, having their EPIC battle untill Tom sees a bright light coming out of the forest and stops fighting to see the light , however his friend didn’t expect Tom to stop so suddenly and hits Tom on the head with the stick , causing him to faint and end up into a light coma.
Some days later , his friend comes to visit him at the hospital bringing along Tom’s favorite show on DVD , Cybernetic man , Tom waking up by his friends words and watching the DVD together.

Alittle later , Tom is released from the hospital and their playing Super Heroes again , fighting the evil forces. ” Watch out , behind that container over there!” his friend yells , Tom shooting into action pretends to hold a bazooka , aims at the container and BOOM! , the container exploded , letterly.

It is not known why , but the light in the woods has givin Tom the powers to be anything only by using his imagination, making him the all new super hero called ” FX”.


This is as far as I know the most original and creative story I’ve known, it’s just plain fun and interesting to see how Tom tries his powers , turning him to a Tank or a Jet just by using his imagination.
The story it self starts off quick and continues with a fast pace, giving us enough character introductions , humor and action scenes, and I have to say I’m impressed by this first Issue , and I will surely will be reading the upcoming second issue.


The art of FX was one the things I liked about it , making it look like a Old skool Marvel comic but with some modern accents.


The Dialogues were just perfect , not too much text and keeping it realistic making it easy and fun to read.


Reading FX! #1 was just plain fun , telling a story everyone as a kid dreamed of , mixing that with the old school drawing style, fighting scenes and experimenting with just given powers makes this a comic that just asks to be in your collection.




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