Review : X-Men : Divided We Stand #1

Devided we stand #1

Dun dun duuuun! A new review arises, this time: X-Men : Divided We Stand #1

This first Issue of the new X-Men comic called ” Divided We Stand ” is one hell of a first Issue and was far more of what I expected.

More Detailed Reviewing ahead.( careful for possible spoilers )


Divided we stand includes a couple of stories of different characters ,each written and drawn by another artist or writer.


The first Issue tells us only the beginning and introduction of each character all of them being mad about the x-men not being around anymore and each dealing with it a little bit different , but just a little bit.

The first story introduces us Sam and his girlfriend which are having trouble in the local pub, which leads to a pub fist fight , if the x-men non existing thing wasn’t enough already he barged out while his girlfriend tried to talk some sense into him but without effect , and Sam Bursts out in flames and flies off.

The second is about a half breed villager Nehzno who’s been rejected by his own village and people because of his father not being from his own race and his glowey Tat’s all over his body, his superhuman strength isn’t helping either even if he’s saving and helping people he’s not appreciated.

Third in place comes Rockslide a mutant kid who’s been abandoned by his parents , because of his behavior change after being trained Xavier Facility, you see him talking to one guy called Northstar.a really shady looking dude.
Nothing really existing is happening in this introduction , we only have to witness Rockslide talking about his past as a kid and that he pissed at Northstar who worked along with the Xavier Facility.

After that comes the introduction of a character that’s more familiar, Nightcrawler.
The first part of the story a rough looking dude’ is preparing food at a road diner in the middle of nowhere, he’s not a talker and mostly all you see is a Tinking bubbles , on the otherside of the counter is a priest talking non stop about seeing the god in everything with the cook only listening.
When the priest leaves, Nightcrawler comes flying through the windows giving the chef a furious kick on the chin. Once outside Nightcrawler gives him a speech about forgiving everyone and leaves.


Like mentioned , every arc is drawn by another artist each having his own art style, all of them being very well drawn but quite similar exept the rockslide arc which is drawn in a abstract sketchy way making it my favorite arc at the moment.

Overal Opinion

This was a interesting first issue and was alot better than I had hoped, the interesting characters,story and art styles made it very enjoyable to read and makes you want more, because this was just an introduction Issue i can’t really review the other aspects but would you ask me if you should read this I will properly respond with yes, so if you’re planning on starting a new series this one will not dissapoint you.




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