Review : X-Force #1

Wolverine’s Strike force of Pointy weapons is back , together with X-23, Warpath, Wolfsbane and Whaou they form The X-Force.

The story begins with Logan looking out from out the Balcony until Cyclops approaches him and starts giving Logan a speech about Stryker infiltration in to the S.H.I.E.L.D Facility, but Logan refuses.
Telling Cyclops how it is stupid and not wise , because of Warpath’s brother who’s been killed recently and X-23 finally becoming around and more of a person that she was before.
Cyclops however doesn’t take Logan for granted and keeps going on about this time it being serious and that it’s going to happen. Meanwhile at the SHIELD facility ,X-23 is scouting the facility for info and casualties.
Somewhat later a group of shady characters which are still unknown are , plotting and preparing a merging of two powerful characters called Nimrod , a robot-ish guy from the future, not much is told about him , but he appears to have the power to stop all the x-men.
A scene later we catch up with the X-force again , now in front of the church where the shady guys are preparing their plan, ready to attack.
Wolverine arrives and gives the members one last try to talk them out of it , but all agree to co-operate.
And what follows is a bloody battle of claws and sharp pointy blades and with that ends this issue.

This first issue of the new X-force series had a lot of talking in it , mostly done by Logan and Scott , but nevertheless it was a good first issue that promises a lot of good action , story and art work.

Like every first Issue it’s always a lot of introduction and talking in the beginning and the last couple of pages some fighting with in this new series a lot of blood and guts flying, so if you’re a gore and X-men/Logan fan this is the thing for you.


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