Review : Nova Annhilation- Conquest Volume 1



Okay after a week of waiting Nova Annihilation : Conquest Volume 1 hit my mailbox yesterday dying of impatience I started to read it around 17:00 and after an hour or maybe even sooner I was sucked into the story and action, then it was dinner time it was delicious dinner but my mind was still on the comic as soon as I finished dinner and did the dishes I grabbed it like Golom grabs the ring in The Lord of the Rings movies and continued reading.
Hours flew by and it was getting late and I tired , so I hopped into my bed hit my stereo tower and on I went with the reading and more hours flew by and by the time I finished the book it was 2:00, I was beat and had heavy eyes but oh man , this first Volume was EPIC.

Contintue reading for the whole review.

So who is this Nova Guy then?
Richard also known as Nova was once a member of the Nova Centurion Corps , a corps that helps planets in need.
The whole corpse got wiped out but only Richard was able to survive , every member transferred their power to the only one surviving to save the Centurion Prime, giving Richard the power that equals all members combined , Richard now 30 times stronger and faster Solo’s alone to save all those in need , warp gating and shifting between galaxies and planets.

So what is this first Volume about?

The story begins with Richard landing on a planet which called for help because a so called threat called Planetfall was terrorizing and destroying the planet and its habitat.
The Aliens confused by Richards solo appearance ask where the rest of the corpse is with Richard replying with “I am the corpse” and You’ll have to do with me” While he lands , pretty cool stuff.
After some chatter with the Alien race they got interrupted by Planetfall , a Giant Sized Bio-Teched Demon who wants nothing more than to crush everything beneath his giant feet, also slash with his giant sword thing.

Richard asks analyzes the thing and leaps towards Planetfall , It’s an one hit K.O scene .

What’s Next? Richard asks to Worldmind , Worldmind is a voice in Richards head that communicates via the Centurion Prime, he helps Richard routing ways through the galaxy , tells Richard how to beat the bad guys as best and fast as possible and every now and then an argument and yell to each other but in the end flies over and are best buds again , sort of.

After some more Planet and Galaxy Hopping Worldmind speaks up , telling Richard to take it easy , taking some rest and time to think but Richard , stubborn as he is refuses that and keeps yelling What’s next?!. With Worldmind trying to convince Richard to take a rest, Richard refuses again. What’s Next?!
Worldmind gives up and tells him the nearest crisis , Richard Jumps into hyperdrive towards the planet but something is wrong , and crashes.hard.
Okay Okay, I get it , I should take a rest, and you were right?” Richard states. “ I am?!” Worldmind asks. “ yes” Richard responds and Worldmind with a Thank you.

Richard Decides to check upon earth and visit his parents while he’s at it , it’s been several years since he left.
Richard arrives at his parents doorstep with his suit still on and grasps the doorknob , which is instantly melted away by Richards touch. His Parents scream of shock.

Meanwhile in S.H.I.E.L.D HQ a crew of men and women tells the captain a Scale 12 signal has been spotted , in Hero land that’s like the best of the best.
“Track , Trace and Approach?” one female crewmember asks. “Definitely” responds the captain which is nobody else than Mister Tony Stark , also known as our iron friend Ironman.

We meet up again with Richard who’s having trouble with his parents , after being in the galaxy for several years his parents thought of him as dead, they talk for a while and finally calmed down a bit later , once at dinner they talk about The New Warriors of how they died until Richard stops them “ shh- something’s not right” he states and opens the front door.

Ironman and a two hands full of SHIELD agents await him on his parents porch.

//** Oh Shi- this review is going be longer than I thought, this is not even at the half of the book, did I mention the book is 130 pages? Anyhow I will keep the descriptions as brief as possible **\\

We now continue our normal programming

“Richard?” Ironman asks.

A few moments later we find them on the SHIELD airship talking about how thing changed , how earth changed and especially how Richard changed after his Powers of the whole corpse thing. Tony which insists to be called that way is aware of Richards new power and asks Richard to register at the SHIELD database , to be a Registered Hero also he asks him to join the Avengers.
Richard thinks about It for a moment and decides to give it more think about it , 24 hours to be exact.

Tony leaves and we find Richard talking to an old friend which tells him the woman Richard loved died in the war , as did some of his other partners and friends.

Somewhat later , Richard gives his parent visit , however his father is still not totally cool with Richards Hero thing and shoots into rage and continues yelling at Richard , now having enough of this and feeling alienated by his own parents leaves the house frustrated once again but now awaited by a gang of 3 Super Villains. Venom, Radio Active Man and Penance,

This time not in standard destroy every human mode but now in sweeping all unregistered heroes , and in service of the government.
They get into a fight but after a while Ironman flies in and jumps between the two fighting parties, keeping them from fighting.

Ironman gives both of them a speech of being total idiots for fighting in an super populated area. With Richard replying they started it.
Richard takes off and pays his parents another visit with as result that his father is having a really hard time believing Richard isn’t that , Richard taking the clue and leaves the house now being awaited by Penance , Richard assuming he’s in for a fight asks he’s looking for more trouble. Penance removes his helmet and at Richards shock it’s his friend Robert previously known as Speedball.

Talking about both having changed and what happened on earth while Richard was in space, the conversation ends with Richard stating the Earth’s gone psycho and he want out of it and takes off into space once again.

Somewhat later in space Richard encounters a bunch of robot-ish guys , ready to attack.
but Worldmind interrupts him because he detects an unknown virus/infection on the monsters. Worldmind advising to avoid contact and instead escape , Richard follows his advice and flees.

Meanwhile at the Planet not far from there an alien race that looks like the Predators and Aliens from the AVP movies detect Richard as a thread and ask for further instruction from their leader, our new character introduction : Magora , once known as the deadliest woman in the universe.

Seeing that Richard is trying to flee she decides to lock him in with a energy shield
Richard is now aware of that he’s being targeted and locked in he decides to fly right through the shield with a Flying drop kick , but he fails.hard.

The shield is too overpowering it’s crushing and burning Richard to a crisp and crashes on to the planet with a loud bang.

Some half a mile further we meet our other new character , a medic who’s stranded on this planet as well, for a whole year now.

Hearing the sound of Richards crash she heads out and finds the crispy Richard , who is reduced to a smoking corpse.
Richard to save the Centurion Prime in case he does die and his healing suit fails transfers some of his powers to her and she transforms into Nova , gaining the same kind of powers and suit , only adjusted little.

Not knowing what happened , Worldmind tells her what just happened and what her new goal is , however she has different plans. Getting off this darn planet and see her son again.

Told to keep Richard stable and safe , they transport him to her ships clinic to let him heal.

But then all hell breaks loose and the Aliens invade the ship slaughtering everyone on their path. The crew trying to stop them but all is in feign.

While the fight is ongoing Magora goes solo and stabs some people and is heading for Richard, once arrived Richard is at 80% of his healing but Magora which appears to know Richard and once was in love with him kisses him and infects him with the Virus , a Virus that connects your mind with other virus infected people like a Hivemind, making you stronger , however you’re infected and now part of their group it does not take control of you and instead will remain yourself, they believe in own will, but still be loyal.

However Richard is still himself , he does get corrupted by Magora and chooses her side.
Worldmind mind tells her to kill Richard now before he gets any stronger , a persuit takes place and she’s having a hard time escaping , Richard now 30 times stronger than her.

Later with the help of Worldmind she’s having the upperhand and has Richard under shot, ready to kill , but she refuses and says she’s not the killer type , Magora shows up behind her and stabs her in the back, collapsing she speaks to Richard that it’s not him right now, and Richard cliché as it may be realizes it’s truth a tiny bit.

Richard trips out and gets into a state of his own mind , seeing all of the died Nova members fighting the virus within him, he finds his true self and has a talk with him.

And recovers enough to take control of his body and mind again, and escapes into space.
Richard asking Worldmind for a routing to the nearest warpgate or way out , gets told he has only one options , crash into a star and cause a warpgate. Magora and Drax ( whom I forgot to mention is one of the strongest warriors also being infected by Gamora ) persuit Richard and get sucked into the warpgate with him

Doing so he was able to escape , but however ended up in a unknown place in the galaxy all alone but the two villainous figures on his tail.

And with that ends the first Volume.

// ** if you got this far I applaud you , I didn’t know it was going to be this long, so get a cup of coffee or thee or a beer, take a rest and after you can read my cut of cheese. **\\

My Cut of Cheese

Like I mentioned , this is the most epic and awesome comics I’ve read so far, and I Highly recommend this volume which includes Nova #1-6 and contains about 130 pages of humor , lots of action and interesting and cool characters and it’s an definite page turner so I won’t recommend it when you have to do something important , but otherwise. GET IT.
You won’t be sorry , I promise.

If I would give this one a rating in a scale of 10 I would give it a 10/10.


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