Review : Ironman: Viva Las vegas #1

If you’re keeping up with marvel’s updates you may already know there are two new Ironman stories running , one of them is called The Invincible Ironman which is based on the movie and the original story line and the other is The Invincible Ironman : Las Vegas which I will be reviewing here.

Continue reading for the review.

Tony and pepper are going on a business trip but this time not with his private plane but with Starks Commercial Airlines , Tony and pepper have a little discussion why they aren’t taking Tony’s private plane until a man shoots out of his chair and threatens the fellow passengers on the plane that he has a bomb around his waist, pissed off because of the little children crying he yells at the mother and the kid and disappears to the back of the plane.

Tony stands up and tells pepper that he’s going to freshen up for a bit and walks into a toilet cabin , the next thing is that Ironman walks out and is where I started to question.

How was he able to change that fast into his suit in a airplane toilet and where did he hid is suit?
Does every stark plane a secret toilet feature that has a suit build into the walls or is Las Vegas a sequel to the Extremis Story and was he able to generate his suit out of his skin?

Anyhow , Ironman steps out and heads towards the terrorist , grabs him with a Iron bearhug and flies right through the airplane’s roof and drops the terrorist from sky high.
Once arrived back in the plane he assures the passengers there is no need to worry and that he roof is made out of special material and is not going to breakdown any further.

However the passengers are not pleased with Ironman’s take on rescuing the people , they yell at him for being a brute and boo him off.
Tony flies off again and states he needs a vacation.
A moment later Tony is enjoying his self with a set of hot women like the ladies man he is.

Meanwhile somewhere else two people discover a dragon like skeleton made out of a gold colored metal bones. They talk for a while and talk about if they man will like this yes or no , who the mentioned man is remains unknown.
They gather the skeleton and use it as city decoration, but what they don’t see is the eyes of the lizard thing are glowing red.

We meet up with Pepper and Tony again who just walked out a building, but stops when people are screaming and yelling about a Giant Lizard is terrorizing the city.

And there is where this issue ends.

My Slice of Cheese.

This was a great and fun introduction of a new series but it was way too short , even for a standard issue. But putting that on the side it was pretty good and promises a lot.
I enjoyed this first issue a lot and will continue this series and I recommend it to any Tony Stark/Ironman fan.


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