Review : Anita Blake Volume 1

Anita Blake – Vampire Hunter : Guilty Pleasures Volume 1 is about a young lady called Anita Blake , which is obviously a Vampire Hunter , she also Raises the dead for a living on requests.

Let me first say that I got interested in reading this book because Chris’s take on the series , and I quite liked it although it was a bit disappointed, but I will get to that later.

The story begins with Anita being assigned to investigate a couple of murders, however the one assigning was a vampire , Anita does not like to work for vampires. But alas , after some arguing and negotiation she agrees.

The next morning she get called out of bed by a friend , asking if she’d like to come along and have a night out at a club. Anita still sedated by half being asleep she agrees, one arrived it appeared her friend took Anita and her other friend to Guilty Pleasures ( Hence the book title ) , a vampire strip club where all your wishes could be granted.

Now , I don’t mind that they decide to make it a Vampire Strip Club , but good gracious Money balls they sure as hell didn’t have to visualize all the almost naked Vampires or Vampires in fishnet shirts and hot pants * shudders*

Being it a vampire club , vampires do what vampires do .. mind tricks.
And before they knew what was happening the girls are witnessing a act where a vampire gets bitten by choice.
Here it is where we meet Phillip The Vampire Junkie, he enjoys to be bitten.

The Act continues some more and the Vamps continue their tricks on Anita’s Friends , seduce them with cheap Vampire trickery and after a while even Anita falls almost for it until she’s saved by her ringing cellphone.
Duty calls.

Another murder was occurred in the nearby graveyard and she got the task to investigate , after that she returns to the club to pick up her friends , she finds her friend being be spelled by one of their mind tricks , however unharmed.  but just when they plan to head out one of the vampires try to have Anita under his trick , Anita has a slight resistance against it and resist , the vampire gets annoyed and attacks her. Luckily , she gets saved by Sean Claud , the owner of the club and on good terms vampire with Anita.

What later Sean Claude and Anita have a talk and Claude promises Anita he would take her to Nikolas , The big cheese of the vampires of this district. However once arrived Anita finds out ( because of her supreme knowledge of vampires ) that she is not in fact , Nikolas but pretends to be.

Anita is sick of playing little games and get’s to the point , however one of the vampires also in the room also gets the Anita smart-ass jokes and however isn’t amused and smacked Anita against the wall , almost in coma.

When she wakes up she gets to hear Sean Claude shares his life force with Anita and saved her from death and broken bones, it also gives her now 100% immunity against vampire tricks and the like.

Sean Claude gets the order from the real Nikolas to lock Anita up in the basement until Nikolas thinks she is ready, what apparently appears to be land of the where rats , threatened to be sexually abused by hundreds of rats including the big rat which was half rat half man , she defends her self and kicks him in the family jewels.

Until the real rat king appears telling the giant naked rat off , This is not how I pictured a King of Rats , people!
Anyhow , Hot Pants Ratman attacks Naked Ratman untill the doors creaked open again and Fake Nikolas steps forward and tells Anita the rats were only to freighten her , not attack her.

Now arrived at the real Nikolas , with apperently the power to control every bit of her cloth like Spawn his Chains and suit.  Anita is not impressed and cracks open her Joke box , seeing this Nikolas does her mind trick on Anita and than asks her again how old she is, Anita guesses around a thousand.

A moment later another vampire enters the room with another man , One of them appeared to be also a dead raiser and brought a zombie along for a hearing about the last committed murder. However being a zombie it has no soul , only a memory which are most of the time very vague.
The Zombie at first very confused and forgot he committed suicide not long ago , was hard to ask questions to and the vampire got annoyed and hammered the zombie with questions he couldn’t answer , thus he broke the zombie mind. if there is something worse than a zombie , it’s a useless zombie.

Anita explained the situation to Nikolas which caused Nikolas to threaten the vampire  that she will tear out his heart and let her children bathe in his blood! A little bit clishe but oh well , they were vampires and after 1000 years you used every threat possible I guess.

And out of the nowhere Sean Claude and Nikolas burst out in a fight , which we were not allowed to see for some reason and what could be the only fighting scene in this whole book, instead Anita and the Vampire escape upwards back to the highgrounds and surface where they end up at The Carnival of the Damned.

Could it sound anymore cheesy? a Metal Band or Song?

There they meet a vampire with a mask and with half his face badly burned by Holy Water, Anita’s fight couple of years ago. and is with his also my favorite vampire in this book he just look awesome with his mask and purple suit.

The next day she decided to go undercover and visit the office where she crosses path with Phillip again, they discuss things like if they both have information but both have no clues yet and won’t get very far, however Phillip knows a small group of people whom might know something , after some disagreements they decide to show up as a couple to avoid suspiciousness , obviously this is another small group of people who are in for a sexual meet up.  Both they didn’t know it was going to be this way and after a soonwhile want to leave , however Phillip promised to keep her safe , so they stayed.

A moment later Phillip asked to have a talk in the bathroom , finding out they were being watched by someone from outside. Phillip sees this as a way to get some with Anita.

And that’s where the book ends .

My Slice of Cheese

When I bought this one I was suspecting something like  Buffy the vampire slayer , some action , drama and some butt kicking , but sadly enough there was not much to nothing action in this book at all.
Besides the violence and the soft Vampire porn it was a well written comic book with a good story and above average artwork, although the artist really should study drawing facial expressions more.


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