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Phoenix Wright vs. Colossus


Friday Night Fight : Round 4

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As the battles in the Friday Night Fights go on, So are Robin and Batgirl flipflopping kicking dudes in the kisser and BG launching her boot of her feet right in to the face , ZAPP!

It's like, I don't know you anymore robin!

Protip: When quoting batman , be sure to get naked.

And GeezĀ  Louise , Robin! First you get naked in the middle of a battle and then suggesting to have sex with the BG? That’s cold.

This and more can be found in the issue of Batman Family #5

They did what with the what now?

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In Wonder woman’s new story arc we meet up with Zeus, Wonder woman and team, and return home after a long , long time until.

Darkseed was here lulz

That made me giggle a little

Spill it , tell us all abou the juicy details , man! He dares not to say it , so it was most likely used as a room to hold orgies in, right?

Watch your language lady , like the lad in the panel above you.

Your followers and Champions were properly having hot steamy intercourse in the throneroom , your friend just almost dared not to describe.