Had to be Done Round 1

In Tiny Titans Year one , Robin is busy on the internet looking for fellow teen superheroes to chat, but nobody is responding to his messages and nudges, and is caught by batman right after.
This modern implanted subject in comics are quite humorous but I found it to be a perfect opportunity for the first round of a new thing here called Had to be Done .

The Idea of it is that we replace the original content with something that you think that really went on, similar like the Final crisis superman song and also thanks to for the idea, so creds to the guys!

This is what I thought really was going on.
Robin likes to call it inner species erotica.

He also has Twitter but quickly followed by over 200 people and quit because he didn't want people to find out he missed an episode of Girlmore Girls.Feel like joining in? That’s cool. Just get the templates here and here, edit it the way you think it really went on and sent a mail, kremer.vincent-at-gmail.com.  In the email should be your blog URL where the post with your pictures is going to be at or your name if you don’t have one ( A username is fine too ).

If you do have a blog there are only one thing you’ll have to do , add a link back to this place or a direct link to the current round ( which will be active each Saturday  10 PM GMT+1 ) the first one being:
https://randomencounters.wordpress.com/2009/02/09/had-to-be-donehad-to-be-done-r1/ @ 14 Feb.

So in Simple List Style.

– Download & Edit  the two templates
–  Send an e-mail to me with the entry link where it’s going to be posted or your name/username
– ( blog only ) A link back to this place or direct link to the round url.
–  Till when can I send you the entry? : Till Saturday 8 PM GMT+1, that is 3 PM Central Time.
– When is the Round going to be posted? : Every Saturday at 10 PM GMT +1.


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