Friday Night Fights


Spacebooger’s done with all the finesse,SPLAKK!

It’s Clobberin’ Time Will Bring You to Your Knees – BONK!!!

BW Media Spotlight Blasts Even the Most Optimistic Opponents – KA-BLOOM!!!

Crisis On Earth Prime’s Punch Brings More Claps Than The ColiseumSHHPP!!!

Meekrat Puts the Ice Cream Man on Ice – KRACK!!!

Yet Another Comics Blog Will Take You Down With Two to the Neck – BROW!!!

Nerdosity’s Power Will Paralyze You – KRAKT!!!

Random Encounters Brings the Town Down – KRASSH!!!

Roscoe Sliced the Turkey Yesterday, Today He Goes for Your Gut – SLTTCH!!!

The Sock Drawer Has Every KO You Wanted to Know About, But Were Afraid to Ask – BAM!!!

The Comic Treadmill Hits ‘Em Both High and Low – WAK!!! POW!!!

999 Creates His Own Soundtrack – FTAK! BUTOOP! KAPONK! FOOM! SZAK! BOK!!!

Fantasy Theater Can Crush Crocodiles – SPLAAAATTT!!!

Stars and Garters and Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep Bring Down Thunder With A Spring In Their Step – SPLATHAM!!! & KCHUHNK!!!

Squash is the Enemy Proves Incredible Always Trumps Wonderful – BRRRRCH!!!

Johnny Bacardi Fights With Futuristic Fisticuffs – CLUNK!!!

The ISB Tackles Inflation With An Implosion – SUCK!!!

Hero Sandwich: Flawless Victory! Fatality!-GARROTE!!!



Spacebooger gives a thunderous uppercut – SKOPP, THUMP, KUMP!

Slay Monstrobot of the Deep knocks Chumps off Cliffs – CHUMPT!!

The ISB Pulls Prehistoric Punches – THOMP!!

Great Caesar’s Post Gorila Luchador Eliminatoria – ¡ZOK!

Fantasy Theater Sends a Subtle Smack – KRAKOW!!

The Sock Drawer Calls His Shots – WHUMP!

The Comic Treadmill Hits You with a VOMP, WOMP, and ZOMP!!

Stars and Garters Disciplines Derelicts – WOK!! WAK!! WOK!!

Dem’s Good Readin’ Blasts to the Beat – CRUNKKK!!

Roscoe Throw’s a Bedrock Body Blow  – BOOM!!

It’s Clobberin’ Time Dishes Doom – THWOKK!!

Crisis On Earth Prime! Pulls a Patriotic Punch – SOK!!

Yet Another Comics Blog Rocks the Ring – WHAPO!!

Random Encounters Throws ‘Bows to the Belly – WH UNK!!

Hero Sandwich Serves the Nasty to Nazis – KRAKT!!

Meekrat Introduces the Heel to the Head – CHAKKT!!

Squash is the Enemy … – DK-ROOM!!

Nerdosity Wakes You Up Before Your K.O.ed – WHAM!


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