Sing along with Superman

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In Final Crisis #7  superman kills off Darkseid by singing a song into the Miracle Machine , but the Morrison leaves the text balloon open to let the reader and creativity the free run , so here’s what I think he sung.

He also wants to spend all his money

I got a little late on the bandwagon , but here you have it!


Comics Wrote out 5/1/2009

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Black Lightning Year One #1
BRINGs DA THUNDA I started reading Black Lightning without any knowledge about the guy, so it couldn’t hurt that it was about the origins of him, that said let’s continue to what I thought about it.

The story is about a african american family guy named Jefferson Pierce, who’s moving back to his former city Southside, a city full of thugs and gangs To see if his daily nightmares and sleepless nights would end.

It began to look good for the man and his family, he slept without nightmares and everyone felt like this was a good idea after all.
Until the next morning when they were bringing in the boxes and furniture into the new house when two guys steal one of the boxes and made a dash for it but little do they know Jeff is a former 3 in a row gold winner of a marathon and quickly catches up with one of the thiefs.

Once caught Jeff has a talk with the guy and seems he’s not an all bad dude and takes off without any hussle.

The next morning it’s Jeffs first day at his new job as teacher at the local school but when he enters the building he finds the whole corridore and his office torched , as he alarms the fire department he runs in to Earl, the thief guy and asks him for help and he does so.

After the fire’s been taken care off  Jeff holds a speech about that who wants to attend school should stay and follow him and who doesn’t just should leave. Jeff had enough and takes authority and manages to get it as well.
That same evening when he arrives home and has a little talk with his wife about that it was his duty do so he gets a phone call a murder had taken place at school,  Jeff dashed out and found a young fella pinned to the wall, Earl.

This first issue was pretty good and had some good dialogue but at times a little too much, but considiring it was an introduction issue I’ll let that sliiiide.
But besides all the good stuff there was one thing that kept circling in my head the whole time , the fact that you could watch The Principle and picture James Belushi with a flashy suit and electrical powers and you get the same setting.
Don’t get me wrong though The Principle was a fine movie but the whole School in the ghetto and dudes being killed just for helping the teachers is all old cheese in my opinion.

The Lone Ranger & Tonto #1-2

The lone ranger and Tonto is about a vigilante and a Indian guy who ride till an adventure comes up , this first issue is all weird.

While the duo are traveling they encounter a old horse cart with two dead people in front of it, Tonto the Indian that he is inspects the case and gets assaulted by a kid who’s skin is falling off as this issue continues.
Can’t really tell more about this one , it’s an easy read but nothing really note worthy happens.

The Lone Ranger & Tonto# 2

I continued reading because of the awesome cover, awesome cover ( maybe ) equels awesome content? Well despite in the cover they’re like aiming guns , they’re was no shooting at all but i was half right anyway.

The duo arrives at a town and hit a saloon for a drink where they meet a young girl who sings a song about a monster in the mine quarry ahead, her mom gets mad and tells the girl to stop.

Lone Ranger sits down in front of the girl and asks where she heard the song and what’s it about, so after some asking around town they get the word that there’s gold in the quarry but no man dares to enter because rumor has it monsters dwell in there.

They go anyhow and set a camp up not too far from the quarry, until LR begins to see a monster approach him and grabs him, but to his surprise the monster can talk and yells LR’s name , and slowly morphs into Tonto.

He started to hallucinate for some reason and saw Tonto as a monster, confused they moved on , and in to the Quarry they found a group of people attack each other , all being influenced by the hallucination , some already dead.

This issue was a bit more interesting and made more sense than the previous one, I enjoyed reading it but like mentioned above there’s not much action going on.

The Amazing Spider-man : Fear It Self

fear-itself-01-page-01 Fear it self begins with a flash back of Peters early toddler youth, asking his aunt who even back then was an old lady what the word fear means,  May then takes her time to explain what fear exactly is and what it does.

A page further we’re back at present date , our friendly neighborhood spider man is up against man-thing, little heads up for people who aren’t familiar with the beastie.

Man-thing , formerly known as Professor Ellis was working on a serum to survive a chemical warfare, the serum worked and nullified every toxic and damaging substance to the body but instead made people into monstrous creatures.
Later Ellis got hired by SHIELD to work on a super soldier serum , Ellis took the base of this previous made serum and used it for the super soldier serum.
But he was set up by his lover and led into an ambush, Ellis escaped and injected the only version of the serum into his own blood , but unfortunately crashed into a swamp with his car a moment later.

The mysterious substances and magic and the serum combines made Ellis what he is today, a giant plant being protecting the swamps and nature, people who are afraid of him will be horribly burnt by his touch.

Spidey is having a hard time fighting against Manny , although he isn’t afraid of the thing thus allowing him to hit Man-Thing  , it’s still all thorns and hard wood.
So after some hitting and getting hit , he received a critical hit to the chest.

Some time later while he was walking Aunt may down the street , his spider-sense went off and Peter saw Man-thing standing there in the alley and grabs Peter by the shoulder, but then lets go and walks off again, was it really Man-Thing or was it hallucination?

Once arrived home again he discovers there’s a plant growing out of the gash  left by Man-Thing, Peter decides to visit Dr.Connors for some advise and hears some of Man-Thing’s altered DNA fused with Peters and made the plant like DNA to grow within Peter by time, luckily Connors has a antidote but it’s permanently only.

After the visit Peter goes into the swamp again to look for Manny , and find out how to get rid of this thing growing within him , slowly transforming him into a thing like Man-Thing until he walks in to him.


Now both scared of the thing in him and the sudden approach of Man-Thing he injects another antidote and suddenly remembers what Aunt may said to him , Plants don’t feel fear , he has gotten too much plant in him to fear Man-Thing but does fear of becoming like a plant monster.

As he is struggling within the thing within him he gets reminded of what is much worse than that, leaving Aunt May alone and unprotected and recovers just in time , but then Man-Thing grabs him up and heaves him up above it’s head and Peter get’s burned all over his body because of it’s touch, also burning all plant out of him curing him from turning him to a plant like creature.

Peter get’s released by Manny right after and thanks the guy , even though he properly won’t understand a word of it.
Peter then suddenly realizes why Man-thing went looking for him , with the plant growing within Peter he felt another plant creature coming into existence and went looking for it, in hope to get companionship , to not be all alone in the world anymore.

It then turns out that Man-Things only fear and only feeling was , loneliness and because of his ability to burn everything that fears he bursts out in flames because his only dream went gone in front of his eyes and his only fear became reality.

I don’t read much Spider-man but man this issue was good, awesome writing and fantastic art and the sad ending that made me almost shed a tear made this issue of the best I’ve read in months.

Friday Night Fights Round 12

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It’s FnF again, the battles still rages on and on but it seems not every super charged beefcake has his way!


This fight can be found in Batman/Superman Issue #1

Friday Night Fights Round 11

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Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? It’s friday already?!  and I almost forgot a round , better pay attention to what day it is next time.

I decided to make this round a special round , a shout-out if you will because since a couple days I have fallen in love with the webcomic made by Danielle Corsetto , called Girls With Slingshots.
So if you’re still in search for a charming web comic I’d highly recommend GwS, the story is funny, the characters are realistic and have all their traits and things going on and the art is very cute.

So people , here’s this Friday’s Round Eleven!

One to Zero for Hazel!

And don’t forget to check out the other Friday Nights Hustles.

You only wish..

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This is how I check-out my groceries as well.

You’d be this manly at grocery shopping


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is wrong


with his teeth


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The second season of The Spectacular Spiderman has already began?! Why didn’t anyone tell me!