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Like a charm.

Posted in General with tags , , on November 26, 2008 by Vincent Kremer

*insert jaws tune *

Oh I'm sorry , thought you were a limb sealProperly one of the most awesome panels in comic history in my opinion , but that aside I hope with all my might that they keep Rorschach in his character, like the way he talks if at all and his way of doing things.

I’ve seen the trailers and read artilces and they sadly chose to change some and another , including the ending part and Ozymandias’ roman suit which now looks like a Star trek outfit, but does that prevent me from wanting to watch it? Hells no! Because in all honesty , the trailers looked spectacular and magical and although we didn’t really got to see the characters act besides some shots I do have have some trust in Zack Snyder , the director of the film and I’m sure he’s going to do a great job doing it.