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Comic Relief 19-8-2008

Posted in General with tags , , , , on August 19, 2008 by Vincent Kremer

Ambush Bug Year One #1
I’ve never read any Ambush bug before so I decided to pick up the latest release , and I have to say it’s one of the damn funniest issues I’ve read so far.
The First issue tells us about Johnny DC, A comic book character. Which is murdered and it’s up to Bug to solve the crime , he’s doing so by visiting some of his Arch Nemesis and have a little chat.

And to give an impression , It’s humour is like classic Deadpool style but more random with alot of Comic Book inside jokes and whacky enemies , like the killer socks, Go-Go Checks and the Glob. Besides that won’t the Narrator stop shut up and point out hilarious facts, don’t want to spoil anymore so I will leave it at that.

Secret Invasion : Inhumans #1

I’m not really a Secret Invasion fan because the idea is not really that sharp and continues to long, but not going to nail the series down to the ground.

The Story resolves around Lady Medusa who’s in peril because her husband Blackbolt has been captured by the Skrulls, while Medusa is investigating what the secret is to the strength of the Skrulls and throwing the subject into the  great council, the family Inhumans are having doubts of trust now that the know that Anybody can be a skrull.
Somewhat later we meet up with serveral persons who encounter friends being actual skrulls and an last panel of this issue Blackbolt being prepared to be the Skrulls strongest weapons.

Definitely a good start with brilliant artwork , looking forward to read more of this one.
Oh and did I tell you about the best part? ………. Here it comes.

Justice is best served Cold ❤

Thanos Quest # 1-2 ( Volume 1 )
Don’t let the oldness of this volume trick you people , Thanos Quest is one awesome story of a dude trying to rule the Universe , get the woman he wants and afterwards realize his victory is as hollow like a empty phase.

Thanos here , afer being resurrected by Lady Death was given a task to take over the universe and bring death to the everything, Thanos however decides to collect the The Six Soul gems of Infinity which each posses a different power to rule everything.
So he does so , seeking the ones that hold them and take it from them, beating them with pure brilliance and awesome.

This volume was very fun and Awesome to read and was totally different than I had expected, so if this isn’t in your collection yet , do your self a favor and buy it.


Family Dynamics cover #1

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on May 22, 2008 by Vincent Kremer

Pretty sweet cover from the first issue of Family Dynamics,  drawn by no other than Sean Galloway.
Here’s a little bit of information about the comic.

Written by J. Torres; Art by Tim Levins and Dan Davis; Cover by Sean Galloway

Pyralis! Sirocco! Troylus! Terran! This is The Family Dynamic, defenders of Storm City who use their mystical Elemental Rings to battle the forces of evil. But what happens when members of their extended family want in on the superhero action? They say the family that plays together stays together – but does that count when they’re playing the good guys? Find out in this exciting new 6-issue miniseries by writer J. Torres (WONDER GIRL) and artist Tim Levins (BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES).

Johnny DC | 32pg. | Color | $2.25 US

On Sale August 27, 2008

Blue Print #1

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Blue Print , also known as “What I am planning on buying with my next purchase” is something new I will be doing from now , I will be posting the covers i am planning on buying.


  • Old Man Logan #1
  • Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1
  • X-Force #2
  • X-Force #3
  • Cable & Deadpool Volume 2: Burnt Offering
  • Grendel: Behold the devil #2
  • Grendel: Behold the devil #3
  • Nova Volume 2 : Knowhere
  • The Might Avengers Volume 1: The Ultron Initiative

Old Man Logan

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The future tale of Wolverine is about to kick off in the Marvel title, and for issue #66, written by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, Michael Turner steps up to do a variant cover for the issue

WOLVERINE #66 (APR082319)
Written by MARK MILLAR
Pencils & Wraparound Cover by STEVE MCNIVEN
Variant Cover by MICHAEL TURNER

For 50 years, no one’s heard from Wolverine…but why? And what led to evil’s triumph over good? The answers start here folks and with Millar & McNiven back together, you know that Wolverine #66 is the book that everyone will be talking about!

Starting in June with Wolverine #66, Millar and McNiven will join forces for “Old Man Logan,” an eight part story starring Wolverine fifty-plus years in the future, after some really bad stuff has gone down, and it just may be time for Logan to set things right.

Millar, writer for the story, has said:

It’s Dark Knight for Wolverine, essentially. The big, wide, show-stopping series that plays around with the most popular Marvel character of the last forty years, a dystopian vision of the Marvel Universe and a unique look at their futures. The heroes have gone, the villains have won and we’re two generations away from the Marvel we know.

Wolverine #66 arrives June 18, 2008 and will sell for $2.99.

Star Jaws!

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I think is is the most awesome and funniest thing I’ve seen so far, Nothing can stop Doctor Doom and his evil master plan to eat up the earth like a giant orbital Pac-man!

Thanks Chris!

Review : Ironman: Viva Las vegas #1

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If you’re keeping up with marvel’s updates you may already know there are two new Ironman stories running , one of them is called The Invincible Ironman which is based on the movie and the original story line and the other is The Invincible Ironman : Las Vegas which I will be reviewing here.

Continue reading for the review.

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Batman’s new Ride.

Posted in DC with tags , on May 12, 2008 by Vincent Kremer

I think in every batman movie or comic batman gets a new ride to race in , so ladies and gentlemen here I announce his new Batmobile from the upcoming Batman comic Batman R.I.P. ( Click the picture to enlarge )