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The Week drawn out November 22, 2008

Posted in General with tags , , , , , on November 22, 2008 by Vincent Kremer

It’s been a while since I reviewed and it’s been a couple of very busy and exhausting month, so here by a reboot with hope I keep on doing it.

Batman – Cacophony #1

Nevermind the critics. Kevin Smith’s writing work has been taking a lot of hits from reviewers and  critics and for a while it seemed he gave up on writing comics until now.
Kevin Smith’s Batman Cacophony like others received a lot of mixed opinions, some good some bad.

Smith’s work is mostly known for his crude sense of dark and sexual humor which had good context in his movies but now he implanted that humor in comics like this one , it just feels a little out of place although I have to admit being it a Batman comic about the Joker and Joker making the said jokes it was just within the boundary.

One other thing most people were bugged about was the talking , it has a lot of talking in it , for a Batman issue at least. I however was not bothered by it all because , well sure it’s a comic book and not a real book , it’s still a book and books are for reading. It’s just something you have to adjust to and and it’s all fine.

Those things aside I really enjoyed reading it and mostly because of Smith’s own created character named onomatopoeia , a guy who looks very much like Deadshot , but with a different mask and speaks out sound effects before performing them, good times!.

Kull #1

kull-001 What to say about this one hmmm , well let’s just say it’s about two   Kingdoms at war , one of them is the kingdom of King Kull , A brutal but merciful warrior who just recently was crowned king.
Being the fight driven warrior that he is is he shoots off to the battlefront to confront the armies of his enemy , which also released a savage brutal uncontrollable slaughtering horse like demon called Etrigor , Which slaughters everyone standing in his way , but Etrigor isn’t going to enjoy his release after years because just then Kull arrives and kills of the creature without a problem and heads back to his kingdom.
Once arrived he got lectured about that he is now king and shouldn’t be rash and jumping in to combat like that.

All in all , I liked what I read and look forward to what will be up our sleeve next release.

Ms Marvel – Storyteller One-Shot.

Shiver me timbers , Lassie! First things first. Awesome.Cover.
Storyteller tells the story of Ms.Marvel patrolling the city after everything’s back to normal again , without danger or super villainy.
While flying about she thinks over how to become the best of the best and busts into A.I.M’s cell factoring factory , until she notices a computer screen with the portrait of Gavin , a kid with super abilities to shape reality to his own, in this game it’s Gavin who’s just lonely , trusts nobody and just wants to have a great time , therefor he shapes reality to a Pirates of the Caribbean one where our Marvel heroes and villains are turned into pirates, Ms.Marvel however isn’t pleased about this one bit and demands Gavin stops these little games of his and volunteers to help Gavin to regain his trust in people.

Punisher – War Journal #1

Castle in Wonderland. Frank Castle is out to bust some wanna be super hero/villain rave party to rescue a kidnapped girl , but he crosses paths with Pepper a mad scientist type of guy who invented a gas that makes you hallucinate and alternates things you see.

This was not what I expected from bad-ass Frank Castle at all but it surprised me and got me greatly amused and laughed a lot through the issue, so if you’re a Punisher fan and like things put in to a jacket of happyness and pretty colors this one is a must read.