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Review: Last Defenders #1

Posted in Review Archieve with tags , , , on June 13, 2008 by Vincent Kremer

I have to be honest and admit I purchased these three because I liked the covers , and had no idea what the this series was about what I usually check first. But I’m glad I did because these new mini series loosely based upon the first defenders was good crazy fun.

The story kicks off with Nighthawk having a fight with one of the grimm brothers , also known as Grimes.
Once knocked down Nighthawk meets up with Gargoyle again his only team member at that time , after a small chat up Gargoyle decides to depart from the two man team and go his own way, Nighthawk tries to convince him to stay and tells him he has a appointment with Tony Stark, but Gargoyle puts his foot down and takes off.

Once arrived at the Defenders Tower Nighthawk suggests to Tony to set up a new defenders new called The Last Defenders.
Tony approves but reminds him the past team ups were everything but successful,
Tony pro-claims  he is the expert in putting together teams and introduces Nighthawk the new Defenders Team, also called The New Jersey Defenders.

* Drum roll *  Yup , it’s Blazing Skull and Colossus. After a short introduction to one each other Nighthawk asks he this is it , Tony tells him there is someone else he had in mind but didn’t sent an invite yet because it might be harder to convince.

Some hours later Nighthawk catches up with the last remaining member to recruit, howover easier said than done, because the person is none other than…She-Hulk.She-Hulk states before Nighthawk can say anything that she is not in the slightest interested in joining up with any Police state or SHIELD activities.

Nighthawk tries to convince but with the wrong words he gets the full load.

Next thing we see is Son of Satan having a conversation with  The Ancient one,  you know ..the old geezer that helped Stephen ( Doctor ) Strange to find his hidden powers within him.
The conversation is somewhat vague but it involves Son Of Satan to become the next Sorcerer Supreme.

We meet up with the crew again which are having a meeting discussing their objective but leads to a disaster of name calling and yelling. The only one that is sane in this meeting is She-Hulk who joined up after all.

Anyhow , they get their first mission: Locating Field team leader Pennysworth.

Meanwhile at the Serpent Headquarters they are having some kind of ritual which gives humans enchanced abilities by injecting stuff, also it really hurts.

meanwhile the team arrives and busts through the roof with an exploding entrance, kicking and punching the serpent troopers too the other side, while rampaging through the troops of serpents they didn’t realize the ballroom they barged in was next to a casino and  smashed the troops through the doors into the casino where innocent people did their money earnings and losses.

Nighthawk grabs one of the Serpent troopers and threatens to tell him where their leaders are , the trooper tells him that they must tend the Altar , otherwise they can’t control Quetzalcoatl.
Before the team could wonder what a Quetzalcoatl was it was already too late and the Coatl was unleased.

And that people , leaves us with the ending of the first Issue of The Last Defenders.

My Slice Of Cheese

Never heard anything about The Last Defenders I did not know what to expect and purchased this series out of curouisty and liking the cover pages ( Nighthawk looked cool ) , but I really liked the randomly selected Powerhouse team.
This series also introduced me to some new characters I was not familiar with , like Blazing Skull who became one of my favorite characters so far, She-Hulk who is unlike the Hulk own willed and smart and well Colossus always keeps his cool. The only one thing that keeps this one from being awesome is that Tony Stark is in it again , telling himself he is an expert in everything.

Judgement: 4 out of 5 Cheeses.