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Review : Ironman: Viva Las vegas #1

Posted in Review Archieve with tags , , on May 21, 2008 by Vincent Kremer

If you’re keeping up with marvel’s updates you may already know there are two new Ironman stories running , one of them is called The Invincible Ironman which is based on the movie and the original story line and the other is The Invincible Ironman : Las Vegas which I will be reviewing here.

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Review : Green Lantern #30

Posted in DC with tags , on May 8, 2008 by Vincent Kremer

Ever wondered why the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan ) is the Green Lantern? Why does he have those powers and the green and black costume? In The Green Lantern #30 you’re going to find out how and why.

Green Lantern #30 is a great begin of a new orgin series . and with the great art and design it’s a must have for any DC/Lantern fan.

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Review : Nova Annhilation- Conquest Volume 1

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Okay after a week of waiting Nova Annihilation : Conquest Volume 1 hit my mailbox yesterday dying of impatience I started to read it around 17:00 and after an hour or maybe even sooner I was sucked into the story and action, then it was dinner time it was delicious dinner but my mind was still on the comic as soon as I finished dinner and did the dishes I grabbed it like Golom grabs the ring in The Lord of the Rings movies and continued reading.
Hours flew by and it was getting late and I tired , so I hopped into my bed hit my stereo tower and on I went with the reading and more hours flew by and by the time I finished the book it was 2:00, I was beat and had heavy eyes but oh man , this first Volume was EPIC.

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Review : X-Men : Divided We Stand #1

Posted in Review Archieve with tags , , on April 25, 2008 by Vincent Kremer

Devided we stand #1

Dun dun duuuun! A new review arises, this time: X-Men : Divided We Stand #1

This first Issue of the new X-Men comic called ” Divided We Stand ” is one hell of a first Issue and was far more of what I expected.

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Review: FX! #1 , The Human Special Effect!

Posted in Review Archieve with tags , on April 11, 2008 by Vincent Kremer


I’ve heard nothing more but good things about John Byrne , and they were right because FX! #1 John’s new work is nothing more but good ‘ol fun, kicking it old skool style.

The story kicks off when Tom , the main character and his friend are playing in the woods , pretending to be super heroes and Villains , having sword fights with wooden sticks, having their EPIC battle untill Tom sees a bright light coming out of the forest and stops fighting to see the light , however his friend didn’t expect Tom to stop so suddenly and hits Tom on the head with the stick , causing him to faint and end up into a light coma.
Some days later , his friend comes to visit him at the hospital bringing along Tom’s favorite show on DVD , Cybernetic man , Tom waking up by his friends words and watching the DVD together.

Alittle later , Tom is released from the hospital and their playing Super Heroes again , fighting the evil forces. ” Watch out , behind that container over there!” his friend yells , Tom shooting into action pretends to hold a bazooka , aims at the container and BOOM! , the container exploded , letterly.

It is not known why , but the light in the woods has givin Tom the powers to be anything only by using his imagination, making him the all new super hero called ” FX”.


This is as far as I know the most original and creative story I’ve known, it’s just plain fun and interesting to see how Tom tries his powers , turning him to a Tank or a Jet just by using his imagination.
The story it self starts off quick and continues with a fast pace, giving us enough character introductions , humor and action scenes, and I have to say I’m impressed by this first Issue , and I will surely will be reading the upcoming second issue.


The art of FX was one the things I liked about it , making it look like a Old skool Marvel comic but with some modern accents.


The Dialogues were just perfect , not too much text and keeping it realistic making it easy and fun to read.


Reading FX! #1 was just plain fun , telling a story everyone as a kid dreamed of , mixing that with the old school drawing style, fighting scenes and experimenting with just given powers makes this a comic that just asks to be in your collection.



Review : RASL #1

Posted in Review Archieve with tags on April 11, 2008 by Vincent Kremer


RASL is the new comic series written and drawn by Jeff Smith , who also wrote the Comic series Bone.
The story behind RASL is about a Painting thief which name is still unknown which has a special device that let’s him warp through time and place, but with a painful cost.
The first Issie begins with the thief on one of his painting stealing jobs , he won’t get very far because the police arrived in a minute and leaves our thief no other choise but to escape, using his device ( which looks like 2 airplane motors and a jungle mask ).
He shifts into ” the drift” and flies between time and space , what actually is going on is not clear but the thief is suffering from extreme pain while doing this.
Eventually he warped back to his appartment and went to the local bar to drink his pain away.

The next day awaits him something strange as he once again escapes using his device , but instead of arriving in his apartment , he arrives in an alternate demension of some sort, and right after he arrived a lizzard faced man shows up and chases him out of nowhere.

The story it self is very interesting and leaves you with alot of questionmarks, not much is being told in the first issue because all we see right now is the thief running , drinking and being chased by a lizzard man in a coat.
What of Device is he using? What does RASL stand for? Who is that freaky looking Lizzard guy? Let’s hope we get to know in the next issue arriving in May.


When I opened the issue I was actually quite suprised by it’s simplistic art , and is something to get used to because it’s alot different than most of the comics we know, I was dissapointed at first because I was hoping it to be more like the cover page, but the interesting concept of the story comprimised it.


It’s kind of hard to review this because there wasn’t much dialogue in this issue, I don’t know if this is the style of this series or if it’s because the thief isn’t much of a talker , the only times we find the thief talking , was when he was talking to himself and to the barkeeper.

I didn’t know what to expect of this comic and I wasn’t sure if I Liked this first issue because of the art and pace the comic went through leaving me with many questions and doubts, but this is only the first issue and has enough time to evolve in story so I’m not giving it up yet on this one , let’s stay tuned for May.