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Sing along with Superman

Posted in General with tags , on February 5, 2009 by Vincent Kremer

In Final Crisis #7  superman kills off Darkseid by singing a song into the Miracle Machine , but the Morrison leaves the text balloon open to let the reader and creativity the free run , so here’s what I think he sung.

He also wants to spend all his money

I got a little late on the bandwagon , but here you have it!


Review: Superman Vs The Hulk

Posted in DC, Review Archieve with tags , , on June 1, 2008 by Vincent Kremer

I picked this one out of pure randomness and I’m not really a Superman and/or Hulk Fan but I just couldn’t resist leaving this one on the shelves, This might be fun I thought.

My random act to pick this comic up is just as random as this comic, because it doesn’t really have a story line or a point.
It starts with Clark and Lois sitting on the sofa watching a news report or some sort of documentary about The Incredible Hulk and start a discussion about the life of Bruce Banners.

( A mystery finally revealed! Superman 1 – Logic 0 )

Next we see Doctor Banner having a nightmare about the Hulk and wakes up screaming alarming Rick , his lab assistant and friend. Rick worried because of the scream asks if Bruce is alright, Bruce assures Rick he’s fine but then out of the nowhere he turns into The Hulk.

The Dashes off with Rick on his tail , and Yells at the Hulk to stop but Nobody tells the hulk what to do, not even Rick.
The Hulk is Hungry and assaults on a garden barbeque party, steals all the food and runs off.

This seems like a job for Superman!

Superman is on the job and flies off to the incident but arrives just too late and finds a trashed Garden party with screaming people , Superman gets told the Hulk rushed off north and flies off again.

Meanwhile the daily newspaper gets the air of The Hulk and sends Louis Lane on the job.
After a encounter with the hulk Superman returns to the Office as Clark and hears from the director of the newspaper Louis has the job already and demands an explanation. She’s good and gets the jobs done is what he gets as a reply.
She’s halfway to New Mexico by now Clark gets told.
Clark isn’t amused by this and sees this for another job for Superman, because he’s fast and gets to New Mexico in no time.

Unbeknownst to the others Lex Lutor takes its place in the story and plans on killing superman by turning the Hulk against Superman, and if that isn’t enough he plans to destroy him with the super laser Banner build.

Meanwhile Louis and Betty are  on the way to new Mexico and encounters a small dust devil or twister but after a better looks she finds there’s something in it , The Hulk.

The Hulk jumps out and thrashes her car and kidnaps Betty and runs off again.
on the same moment Rick and Banner get the news too that – got kidnapped, meaning that there’s a impersonator going on the loose.
Banner surprised and not pleased with this turns into the hulk and jumps out of the driving Hotrod, seriously how do you jump out of a high speed Hotrod out of a sitting position?

( No one gets away being him and nothing can stop him, not even a speeding Hot Rod!)

Superman arrives first and begins the fight with the fake robot hulk which is build by Lex Luthor, a moment later Hulkster comes bashing in and destroys the Hulkbot in one ripping motion, The Hulk still pissed at Superman and attacks him and spits cactus needles at super, superman not pleased smashes The Hulk towards a mountain which crashes upon the hulk , and grabs the Hulk by his foot and swings him away like a lasso.

A moment later whilst fighting they both get beamed by the Giant lazer cannon and realize Lex is the real enemy and decide to team up and defeat Lex Luthor.

My cut of cheese

I don’t really know what to say about this one , it has some funny bits but overall it wasn’t something special, may you see this issue in stores save your money for something better.