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Review : Marvel Zombies #1

Posted in Comics, Marvel, Review Archieve with tags , on June 16, 2008 by Vincent Kremer

I started reading this because I thought it could be fun but unfortunely the first issue of Marvel Zombies was a disappointment with a pretty boring start and weak humorous comments and jokes.

The first page shows us a introduction what caused them to turn into zombies which is in my opinion very vague and not so interesting, anyhow like the intro tells us is Magneto the only survivor left after The Fantastic Four went send into an alternate dimension where they are stuck for all freakin’ eternity because Magneto destroyed the Warp Machine to prevent the zombie Flash in the sky force, figuring out he hasn’t much longer to live as well.

So eventually the Marvies meet up with Magneto , Magneto tries to flee but the zombie squad of hunger chases him.
With Zombie Colonel America (who is for some reason Colonel in the zombie universe ) on his tail he grabs his shield and magusfies it through the head of Captain America who crashes onto the ground where he finds Spider-man with a broken leg.

With America on the ground he takes the change to flee and stops some blocks further, however Hawkeye Zombie awaits him there and shoots Magneto , but Magneto is one bit faster and decapitates Hawkeye with America’s shield, Just like that.

Magneto has the upperhand this time , until he was caught off-guard by Zombie Wasp and bites a chunk out of his neck, seeing that Wasp is having dinner the other zombies start to whine the would like to have a piece as well and that she should save something for the rest of the zombie crew.

Zombie Thor and Hulk don’t waste time and both grab magneto, with the Hulk grabbing his leg and rips it off like it’s made out of playdough.
And because Zombies apparently are whiny bitches , Giant Zombie Antman whines about that the hulk has his whole leg and suggest for a share with Hulkazombie only replying with “okay” , which is weird because The Hulk never shares food.

Agreed on the share they all feast on Magneto’s corpse if it’s an all you can eat sparerib restaurant.

When done feasting upon the flesh of the fallen they all sit down to talk about how their zombie stomachs aren’t working like it’s suppose , and ofcourse zombies are bitchy and whiny creatures Zombie Spidey turns all emo because just now he asks himself why he ate his aunt and his wife and asks god to die. * sigh * Zombies.

They continue their zombie-wise chatting about a bone sticking out of Bruce’s stomach because he changed back to Bruce after eating , causing also his stomach to schrink and not creating enough room for the bones of foodyfied Magneto.

However they got interubted because Zombie Luke Cage sees something in the sky , which is no other than… * drum roll*

Yep, Silver Surfer and with the show-up with the silver fellow ends this issue.

My slice of cheese

Like I mentioned above I started reading the zombie series because I thought zombies could be fun, if used correctly and in a good way. However the first issue wasn’t that interesting story or humor wise because it didn’t feel like an actual marvel comic , instead it felt like a bad fanfic with a weak attempt of humorous jokes, another thing this issueis lacking.

However i’m not judging this series yet since this was only the first issue and it would be unfair to judge it only by it’s pilot , so yeah. Stay tuned for the next review.